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I LoVe DiFFeRenT & CraZyNeSs
Coz I never ThinK straight AnymoRe


Name: EcHiE
Age: 24 years old
NationaLity: Indonesia
Ethnic/ Race: hmm~ honestly i dunno for sure coz i never ask it with my parents ^^
I'm Really addicted bout Yunjae ^__^


AboUt Me:




My FaVoRiTe PaiRinG :

Yunjae (yunho/ jaejoong )
Akame ( jin/ kame )
Jlaw & Kiro
Kangteuk ( Kangin/ eeteuk )
Markev ( Marumir a.k.a kim kibum/ kevin)
2 Hj ( Hyun joong/ Hyung jun )
Eunhae ( eunhyuk/ donghae )
Tegomas ( tego/ masu )
Okey ( onew/ key )



( credit pict: weibo.com + Baidu.com + twitter.com + asianfanatic.com + soompi.com + Facebook.com + daum.net + Naver.co.kr + cyworld.co.kr + Livejournal + ETC < Nb: i'm forget the acc name bcoz it's in my old folder n' i'm forget bout it ..so, u think or feel one of the picture is ur creative,,, PLEASE LET ME KNOW n' i'll put FULL credit of ur acc



Maybe there will be  a few post that friend-locking for my personal posts.
This is why I'm going to be very wary now of who I have added as a friend. 

hiii, everyone... long time not postig in here...
now i'm back .. hhohhoho

but this time i need u guys to help me....
to find out and tell me the brand of this lipstick n' powder item that soohee used on get it beauty..,

i really interest want to buy that item but sadly
i cant find out the brand....
hope u guys can help me... thank u...

credit photos: get it beauty official site

i really need ur help everyone...
and thank u...

Hi guys, what's up for all of u?
Hope u all in health and always in happiness

I don't know how to say it...
Really it's been a while or i said very a long times didn't go here.... ㅠ_ㅠ
Yeahhh yeahhh i know... i'm so sorry bcoz i'm to busy with my new work... work everyday even on saturday and monday bcoz there is no red marked for calender in my jobs field... now i'm working for civil engeenering and contractor company... sound so hard, rite?

Yeah, in this field u can see it's the domination with a mans or boys but u know It really interesting job.. sometimes i mist working from morning until the next morning.. kkkkkkkk~
But i like being busy then have nothing to do... bcoz i will easily got bored... hehehehehehehe

I think will end this now bcoz i need my beautiful sleep
And i will be back with my look now.. hope u will not scared of it
Hope we can still be friend... heheheheh

Bye bye..
여러분 잘자용....
안영히 주무세용.. ^_^

stress out TT__TT

i dont have much time for online this few months
because i must focus to my new job and to make money
i will make more and more money .. so i can go to ever place that i want to visit
especially i want to visit korea and spent my birthday there ^^
also want to study for my master degree there .. hehehe

i want to visit and see jaejoongie ^^ hehehe

wish me luck all...
so i can make my dream and all i want come true ^__^
hi guys , what's up????

i dunno how to say or to begin it
but when i see video 'TVXQ History in Japan Vol.3'
i notice something than usual
but i still not sure bout it and i also always rewind/ re-watching it for many times
until make decision to post it in here 
because i really curious bout it >__<?!

Can anyone here tell me.....
it's just my computer screen that play trick on my eyes????
*confused n' really curious*/ long sigh

here is the picture:

this is the picture that i didn't joined ^_^

NB: to anyone that now the answers, please tell me
because my curiousity is more and more big day by day ... LOL~~ XDDD


hello all...

anyone here that want to sale your COO dvd (NOT director cut) but the COO to met .. if u doesn't mind
because i really want to buy and have it so badly.

i hope there is someone that want to sale it , especially if he/she living in indonesia bcoz i'm living in indonesia
it's will be easy for us to doin payment.
hello all...
i wish someone here can help me and give me link for this fics that i'm searching for ^^

1st Fic :

yoochun got stress bcoz jaejoongie act when he know bout twitter. 1st jaejoong make acc using name 'kim jae jung' .. and yoochun hyung why so obvious??? then change it... but then yoochun and junsu get more headache when jaejoongie want to use picture that really obvious ( yunjae ) ... it make yoochun and junsu call yunho to tell yunho to tell jaejoongie and give me explaination if it's not good bcoz to obvious.

2nd Fic:

Jaejoong and yunho is enemy always fight each other but the true is jaejoong like yunho and he always take picture of yunho without yunho knowing it. But one day jaejoong is in the rooftop to rest .... then yunho suddenly come to rooftop then they got argue to each other but jaejoong dont want to fight back so he get up and leave the rooftop but he forget to bring his secret diary and yunho found it. He open it and read it, he is really suprise found many picture of him and jaejoong hand writing that tell how his feelin for yunho.

3rd Fic:
yunho and yoochun is detective... they are patner and changmin is their boss. One day they have a problem to solve one case for a murder. Jaejoong is an employee in one of company, one day when he is one the way home  from watching movie... he see the scene in his eyes about a murder scene. And bcoz that he meet changmin said to changmin what he see. Changmin then tell yunho and yoochun to protect jaejoong and tell everything that jaejoong know. but yunho dont believe bout sixsense that jaejoong have.

4th Fic:

If i'm not wrong yoochun and minnie is Yunho's employee and friend. Oneday when they on the to yunho house they accidently to crush one boy and the boy is unconcious then thy decided to bring the boy to yunho's house bcoz they see the boy see anole and didn't go with anyone. when the boy concious they ask his name and he said it's jaejoong. So yunho decided jaejoong will stay with him bcoz yunho life alone in his house. The next day yunho realize jaejoong dont have clothes to wear, so he decide it to bring jaejoong to mall and buy the things jaejoong need... after shopping the go to the movie and jaejoong fall a sleep in yunho embrace, aftr the movie finish.. yunho bring jaejoong exit the movie he meet his ex-girlfriend seul gi with her new boyfriend.


jaejoong and yunho is best friend when their childhood but after the summer/school trip which thay play a game w/ their senior or sunbae ... jaejoong got punishment so he must tell everyone in that room who is he like/love and he said yunho. After that yunho avoid jaejoong until they in senior high school. Jaejoong mother have a small restaurant, jaejoong often to his mother there... jaejoong is smart kid and junsu,changmin,yoochun is his bestfriend also childhood fren. Jaejoong father is working aboard if i'm not wrong is in paris. One day jaejoong uncle come and give jaejoong's father letter to jaejoong that said if jaejoong can get score/ 1st place in exam his father will send ticket to go to paris for him. Jaejoong got invitation for yunho bday but yunho mother is the one that send it not yunho.

i hope someone know bout this fics... before and after... thank u ^^
Hi everyone...
I hope everyone here can help to find this fanfic coz i really curious so much.. Coz i read it but not finish it yet ‎​O(╥﹏╥)o

Here is the fanfics that i wish can find the link, tittle and the author name

1. The fanfic is bout 'jae is back to korea from japan coz his older brother call him and tell that their father is dead.. When he alrdy in korea aiport he meet with yunho , who happened want to hit him w/ his lamborgini car coz he drive while talking in the phone .. Jae and yunho got mouth fight , is it ended w/ jae kicks yunho lamborgini car and leaving yunho crying coz his lamborgini car and jae' walk awayy w/ happy face to wait his old brother heechul and his cousin junsu. Heechul tell jae that their father only give both of them his share loyalty 35% and 15% his dad bitch choi ji woo.. Jae, heechul and junsu is trying to find out why his father and junsu uncle suddenly dead coz it's rarely weird since their father condition is healthy and he is dead coz heart attack. Heechul make jae and junsu to work in his father company that know is owner by him (heechul..kim family), jung family and choi ji woo.. Junsu work as office worker and jae working as Han Jaewon as officeboy... Jae got shock coz his boss is happen to be yunho as Mr.Lamborgini and his childhood friend.

2. This fanfics is bout ' yunho is a perfect man evr .. He is from a rich family, success carrier, hv a best friend and have a beautiful fience .. But one day yunho, his fience and yoochun must attend to some cruise event party that happen also followed by jung family big enemy coz he really want to take away jung tender and all jung loyalty that he can... On the nite when the cruise alr take our from the harbour yunho hv fight w/ his enemy and he got to shot before he throw away to the sea... Then at the side jae is work at small restaurant in a small far island as waiter and when he want to go home.. He happen to stay a while in beach .. Before he realize it he alr fall a sleep there until midnite then whn he woke up and want to walk home he see something in water beach so he try to approach it and it happen to yunho body how lying lifelessly and jae try to help him and take him home also calling his uncle that happen to a doctor .. Jae' family n' uncle help yunho without hesistation .... The next day when yunho wake up he didn't remember anything but jae family, uncle nvr ask yunho/ force yunho to remember who he was... Then one day jae restaurant is out of stock ingredient and his boss said to jae for goin to by it in town.. Jae then took yunho to town w/ boat coz they must use both from there small island to the town. In the town yunho coinsidence meet someone that recoignase his as his boss but bfore he can tell yunho anything he got shot in front of yunho'


it's a few of my old PS worked that i made long time ago
Honestly, i never post this anywhere before
coz when the 1st think i made this i want to use this as a banner
but i'm canceled it.... hahahah ^^
coz didn't have time to go to place that use to make it ...
so , i think it's better and ok to shared it now
Hope u all like it !!!!! ^^
but sorry coz it's the old picture coz when i make it 
in that time , this is a new picture... ihihihihihih
Enjoy this !!!!!! ^_____^ <3333333
#### SUPER JUNIOR M ####



If u want to take it or share it to another forum
Please, LET ME NOW 1st / Please, GIVE a CREDIT FOR IT !!!!!!!
Coz hesitate or shy to ask me ... I WILL NOT BITE U
but i will really appreciate u for doin it ^_^

thx u ^^ <333333333

My PSed WorK *wallpie again* (Super junior)

it's a few of my old PS worked that i made long time ago
Honestly, i never post this anywhere before
coz when the 1st think i made this i want to use this as a banner
but i'm canceled it.... hahahah ^^
AND didn't have time to go to place that use to make it ...
so , i think it's better and ok to shared it now
Hope u all like it !!!! ^_^ <333333
but sorry coz it's the old picture
coz when i make it  in that time , this is a new picture... ihihihihihih

Enjoy this !!!!!! ^_____^ <<<3333333

#### SUPER JUNIOR ####





If u want to take it or share it to another forum
Please, LET ME NOW 1st / Please, GIVE a CREDIT FOR IT !!!!!!!
Coz hesitate or shy to ask me ... I WILL NOT BITE U
but i will really appreciate u for doin it ^_^

thx u ^^ <333333333


This blog is totally mine.. and i want i post in here is totally the things that i like and become a part of my life + my world!!!! And this blog is Contains with HOMOSEXUALITY, NUDITY, etc. I didn't blame that things coz i know everyone is human and have freedom to choose theirs path. Everything have theirs own risk... I dont care with u a peoples whose never try to understand or not so openminded peoples about this tings ... SO I SUGGEST U DO NOT CLICK SOMETHING IN HERE but juz Go to click for EXIT or A CROSS MARK!!!!!

NO BASHING in here coz i'm not allow it... So, Please be RESPECTFUL TO EACH OTHER^^

And if u want to take anything out, PLEASE PUT PROPER CREDIT OR AT LEAST LINK HERE FOR FULL POST but it’ll be better if u tell me 1st and ask my permission 1st before hand… then i find copycat without my PERMISSION or CREDIT u’ll see what will i do.

Please Read this 1st before u, take a look anything in here!!!!!


♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★

★♥ MORE ABOUT ME ^__^ ♥★

eCHiE ★ 12.19 ※ 인도네시아사람 ♡ Sagitarius girl ※ I♥K-pop , ♬ , 댄스 , travelling & Fashion+Hair stylish ★ 노래 작가가되고 싶다 ※ I Hope Somedy i can work , study&stay in 한국/일본 ♡ Yunjae's shipper ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★


※ Get scholarship to korea or japan as soon as possible
※ Get a lot of Money
※ Can make my dream cometrue
※ Can playing piano with well and make a song for JaeJae ^_^
※ Study with Yoochun to become a good composer
※ Marry with KIM JAE JOONG *but i know is impossible .. the best i want i can be his best friend who can lean him a shoulder* hauhaua~~
※ See JUNG YUNHO & KIM JAE JOONG get merried and come to theirs wedding.. hahaha *i can die with happily after that*
※ Become JUNG YUNHO & KIM JAE JOONG's adopt child... hahaha *want this so badly*
※ want to see YUNJAE a naughty & a pervert things in front of my eyes.. hahaha *pervert smile*

♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★ ♥♥♥ ★

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